MeetThe Rat Pack

The “Rat Pack” will forever be associated with chasing women, Las Vegas, and performing as “The Summit at the Sands” while filming Ocean's Eleven in early 1960.


Frank Sinatra

The Voice

Frank, to quote Ellington, is "Beyond Category", but by the 1950s he had transformed himself from the "Boy Singer" into a man every man wanted to be, and every woman wanted.

Dean Martin


As Dino's solo career grew, he and Sinatra became close, often performing in Vegas at the same time. This led to "The Summit", where legendary performaces were held at the Sands Hotel.

Peter Lawford


Peter was brother-in-law to then President Kennedy who spent time with the group, then sub-titled "the Jack Pack"

Sammy Davis Jr.

Mr. Show Business

Frank and Sammy broke the color line in Vegas, their friendship and moral courage changed policy on the Strip.

Joey Bishop

The Frown Prince

Joey, the only professional stand-up comedian in the group, often acted as stage manager the Rat Pack.