Meet Babes of the Rat Pack
Often called "The Mascots", these broads gave as good as they got, and better! They are forever linked with their Rat Pack counter-parts, and equal to them in every way.


Angie Dickinson

Mascot 1

"I wasn't really a member of the Rat Pack, just a sort of dangling participle! They were all remarkable men, and what happened in those years was really the cusp of the changing social and moral climate in this country."

Shirley MacLaine

Mascot 2

“The Rat Pack taught me so many things about comedy and live entertaining. Then I took my own show to Vegas and I loved playing there. They trusted me because I never divulged any of their secrets. I was like one of the boys. ”

Juliet Prowse

Mascot 3

Sinatra and Prowse announced their engagement in 1962. Prowse later admitted, "I was as much flattered as I was in love."

Marilyn Monroe

Mascot 4

After her split with Arthur Miller, Marilyn began dating Frank Sinatra and became an unofficial member of Sinatra's "Rat Pack.

Lauen Bacall

Mascot 5

Lauren is the only mascot who is a founding member of the original Rat Pack, and rumored to have been enganged to Frank in the Vegas days.